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Oct 29, 2013 6:00pm EDT
day. you can see bald eagle nests. >> it's special in an urban so bar ban area. it's all strip malls and highways and suburbs to have this jewel so close and accessible. it's a wonderful thing. >> used to be 200 acres, now it's route 60. >> the park service knows from old photographs and aerial photography that the marsh extended as far as that dune prior to the 1940s, then the drudging started. >> metal and steel remnants remain of the operations that dredged for sand. they were halted in 1972, but erosion continued the assault. this marsh shoreline has been eroding at 6 to 8 feet per year. it could not hold back the surging tides from hurrican isabel in 2003. >> during that storm, it crossed over the hall road, and all the way into the housing community on the other side of the road. and on this first anniversary of hurricane sandy, which devastated the coast of new york and new jersey, interior secretary, sally jewel, announced a $162 million effort to restore wetlands. $25million will go to dike marsh. >> within the next five years, where we are right now, will look like the
Oct 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
this accident location assault of where loss eagles or wrote a joint 680. there are delays in san francisco on city street were a signal lights have malfunctioned. they also have street lights out. the lights have been annulled. this has been since the early hours. these are backing a but only in the fasttrack and lang. the volume is definitely up and the drive time is 0311 minutes. the commute to the golden gate bridge, one of one southbound is still a problem. for your trip through marin county. >> the time is 6:20 a.m.. the mother of treyvon martin is testifying about the stand your ground lost. she stated that the states need to clarify these also because of georgia zimmerman " got away with murder " of her 2012 killing of per sun. 21 other states are of holding this law that gives individuals the right to use deadly force to defend themselves. >> clinics in texas can now resume taking appointments. this is after a federal judge struck down restrictions that would have closed down. they have had a series of limits. they called for all of doctors to have admitting privileges at hospita
Oct 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
they matched eagles and three birdies. mcilroy caught woods with a birdie on the 14th, and pulled ahead on the 17th beating tiger by one shot for the win mcilroy pocketed $1.5 million e.a. sports announced today it was ending its 15-year relationship with woods. tiger is the namesake for the "tiger woods pga tour" video game series. warriors open the regular season wednesday at oracle arena against the lakers. steph curry says he's ready to go. . it is a great opportunity. we're getting our minds clear. so i look forward to getting out on the right foot >> and he also loves living in oakland [laughter] >> when we return/have you seen the television show shark tank?mark mcubans vehicle allows enterpurners to come on an pitch their idea.if successful.they reieved money to start their byusiness.a bysiness that has helped shane talbott hit the jack pot.shane joins us next. >> catherine: that is a difficult thing to do. >>gary: shane.. will join us, next. ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at kp.
Oct 29, 2013 4:00am PDT
at mission hills" on the back nine at the blackstone course they matched eagles and three birdies. mcilroy caught woods with a birdie on the 14th, and pulled ahead on the 17th beating tiger by one shot for the win mcilroy pocketed $1.5 million >> kron4 morning news continues after the break. here's a live look outside. >> welcome back a survey conducted by the national confectioners association found that chocolate will account for 72 percent of all candy spending this halloween. according to market research firm information resources, in the past 52 months ending september 8, americans spent 3-point-9 billion to buy 3-point-5 billion chocolate bars, bags and boxes under 3.5 ounces. reese's and m&m's each accounted for more than 5- hundred million in sales. and >> some of you have been sending us photos of your children and pets getting into the halloween spirit. we always welcome your pictures. you can send them to us on our facebook page.or e-mail them to breaking news @kron dot com. or on our mobile app. we'll share them on our facebook page and show some of them on the air. >> coming u
Oct 29, 2013 2:00pm EDT
to talk first here about a fellow screaming eagle, a fellow member of the 101st airborne division. o was wounded in action, sernlt carl moore iii, from bigalow, arkansas. in the second congressional district. my district. sergeant moore new york early june of this year, was wounded while on patrol -- sergeant moore, in early june of this year, was wounded while on patrol in afghan strap. the bullet went under his arm, puncturing a lung and hitting his spine. i pray for his speedy recovery so he can get back to the things he loves. my thoughts go out to his parents, carl and theresa, of conway, arkansas, also in my district, and his wife heather and their 4-year-old daughter addison. and this is just one example, just one example, of the type of service that we should all be thankful for and tonight i want to thank sergeant karl moore for his service and his sacrifice and for his family's sacrifice. when i think about all the vets who have impacted my life personally, it's a list that too long to read and they've impacted me in so many ways and you know, i often think of my grandfathe
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5